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Customer Testimonials for Marshall's Automotive Machine, Inc.

I have always used Marshalls motors.. and always will.. thank you guys for a great product to pass on to customers. Keep up the great work.
-Jasson S., Denmark, Maine
I'm also doing a follow up ! I bought a reman 5.7 marine engine about 6 weeks ago from Marshall's and it runs perfect! Great oil pressure and a smooth idle!! I'm very happy with my purchase!
Note:: To future customers! Proper installation is just as important as a properly built engine ! They give you very detailed installation information READ IT!! I bought 6 engines from them in the last 16 months and have had no issues what so ever... Good company putting out a great product!!
-Brian G., Haverhill, Massachusetts
Have had good products from these gentlemen!!!!
-Bunny C., Sebec, Maine
I bought a chev 350 4 bolt main couple years ago put it in my 32 coupe it was excellent and price was also great !!

-John P., Salem, New Hampshire
Just wanted to check in and say thanks! You guys built a Chevy 350 for my 79 cj7 with a performance cam and it's great. Sounds great and I can't wait to rack up some miles on her this summer.
-John R. Jr., North Orrington, Maine
Some more awesome work jay and the fine crew at Marshalls automotive machine !
-David G., Lords Valley, Pennsylvania
I just wanted to Thank Joe and Marshall's Automotive Machine Inc. They are professionals! I saw a listing on Craigslist for a 5.7 Liter Chevy long block! First, Craigslist, just that word made me think Scam! Too far away to check it out my self... emailed them for more information, Joe emailed me back almost right away! So is shipping going to cost a lot? Ad said very reasonable shipping, let's see! Well it was and Joe told me to call him next week on Wednesday and he would give me a tracking number. Okay this was late Thursday afternoon. Well Tuesday around Noon the loading dock guys call me and said there is a motor here for you. Really!!! Wow I am in Florida.... the Motor came in early and just as described, Long block and looks Great! So I know this is a long post, But wanted to get the word out! This is a very trust worthy company! Plus 4 year or 40K warranty! Thanks Again! Bob from Florida
-Robert W., Florida
Last race of the mud bog season switched from fuel injection to a carb. Fastest pass today at 4.85 sec in 150 feet! 8 seconds quicker than the factory 4.0. Not to bad for a 14 year old. Waiting for the final post but either second or third for the season. Thanks again for the Marshall built 4.0!
-Jessica M., Gilsum, New Hampshire
I just wanted to follow-up on the purchase of a 5.7L 350 engine for my boat and thank Joe for being very helpful and answering all my questions. This was my first long block swap as Ilost my compression in my old engine mid-season and wanted to save some money by doing it myself. I now have 40 hours on the new motor and it runs great! I highly recommend Marshall's for their great product and price.
-Craig M., Suncook, New Hampshire
I want to thank Joe and his crew for going above and beyond to get my truck back on the road. I purchased a motor for my 2004 Dodge Ram..and he delivered it to Milo - about an hour and a half drive. The person who installed it told me right afterwards that the engine had a knock and that a rod was probably the issue. I called Joe and he had it towed back to his shop. He had his men take the engine out and found that the issue was an injector on my truck that was stuck open creating the knocking. He put the engine back in the truck - at his expense-and drove it back to me after it was completed! He didn't ask for any money -even though the problem wasn't the engine he sold me. He was cooperative and professional and a real stand up guy. He showed me how much integrity he has...and even though it costs him to do it...he made me whole again. I highly recommend Marshall's Automotive.....they aim to please their customers.
-Tony H., Milo, Maine
Bought a 4.3 from these guys. 150 thousand miles later and still runs strong!
-Michael A., Cheshire, Massachusetts
Just wanted to thank you again for a great running long block with no issues. I have put on around 900 miles and runs smooth and quiet…thanks again for great prices and the fast shipping.
-Chuck N., Stafford Springs, Connecticut